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Knowledge that created Buzz in the International Markets

Digital Makreting Sessions in London, Cardiff, Exeter, Bristol

Digital Marketing
professor at IIFT,

Guest lecturer of
digital marketing at
UPH, Indonesia for
last 3 years

Speaker at We are
Like Minds, Exeter and Digital Fest, Cardiff

Trained and guided
the entire digital
marketing team of

workshops across

Speaker at several Indian
forums including CII and

The Instructors

Abhishek Rungta

CEO | Indus Net Technologies

Aji Issac Mathew

CEO at Indus Net TechShu
15 years in digital marketing

Santanu Mukherjee

Among 100 most influential marketing technology leaders

Shafi Ahamed

Head of Digital
Marketing Strategy

Scholarship Partners

The candidates who are eligible for the scholarship will get 50% waiver on total course fees of Inr 40,000. The Scholarship Certificates will be awarded with the course completion certificate. To apply for scholarship, click here.

Create Knowledge and Convert it to Actionable Wisdom Using Semantic Tree

Best of selection & training process designed through SLTS, a unique approach best of traditional & digital platforms & digital marketing frameworks by Abhishek Rungta & Aji Issac, Indus Net TechShu and Indus Net Technologies. Also 70% of things you will learn here is unique to this and has not been a part of any course curriculum.

Disipline & Credibility

  • SLTS is the brainchild of professor Ranjan Das, Professor of Strategic Management at IIM Calcutta.
  • Process driven with TWIN emphasis on [a] learning both knowledge and how to apply it in a specific situation and [b] transformation of behaviour.
  • SLTS deploys a special 5 way learning process. This process has built-in time and sub-processes that help in assimilation and absorption of knowledge and how to apply acquired knowledge in real life situations.
  • The course will have a 7 level multi-element assessment on the lines used by top business schools in India.
  • 80% attendance is compulsory for lectures and 100% for hands-on exercises.

Structure & Knowledge

  • The course modules, models, worksheets has been delivered to prominent business schools in India, the UK, Indonesia and the USA.
  • 15 years of digital marketing hands-on experience with 1000+ projects delivered.
  • The instructor has trained and guided the entire digital marketing team of HP.
  • 30% hands-on exercises, 40% lectures, 10% evaluation and 20% class participation.
  • 50% of the digital structures you will learn has been a game changer for businesses in manufacturing, hospitality, pharma, education, etc.

What You Will Learn

Google Analytics

Online Display

Develop Marketing

Social Media

Lead Generation
for Business

Learn Advanced

Search Engine

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing

Search Engine

Content Marketing

Companies Behind the Discipline and Knowledge Structure

SLTS Learning & Development Platform has been used by

Indus Net & Indus Net TechShu has worked with:

Awards & Certificates:

We are one among India’s top 33 premier Google Partners - being a partner of the ad network helps us get support much faster, inside knowledge, some new tools before others can get it. Also, Indus Net has been awarded as Digital Agency of the Year by PRSI, India SME Awards, Deloitte Technology Fast500, NASSCOM EMERGE 50, CIO Choice 2017 and several others in last couple of years.

People often use “Superlative” to describe us, not because we are geniuses, but we have simplified the work for them

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